What’s The Difference Between Physiotherapists and Physical Therapists?

physiotherapist physical therapist markham

What’s The Difference Between Physiotherapists and Physical Therapists?

Are Physiotherapists and Physical Therapists The Same?physiotherapist physical therapist markham

There is a common misconception that Physical Therapists and Physiotherapists have different roles and do different things.  However, these two titles are very similar, as Physical Therapy is a term used in the United States, and Physiotherapy is used widely across the world.

The main difference between these two titles is that Physiotherapists are registered and qualified to treat health and wellness impairments, where as Physical Therapists are not.  Thus, by attending Physical Therapy, one is subject to potential danger and further injury.  It is very important to differentiate these two when seeking for help for your own safety.  If one experience’s a muscle strain, ligament sprain, neck or back pain, or have been subject to a motor vehicle accident or are post surgery, a Physiotherapist will be the professional you are looking to speak with.

How Do I Become a Physiotherapist?

To become a registered Physiotherapist, one must have an undergraduate honours degree and a Masters in Physiotherapy.  This process generally takes 6 years and all Physiotherapists must be registered with the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario.

Find a Physiotherapist Near Me

If you are looking to find a Registered Physiotherapist, the following links will direct you to one that can treat your specific needs.

The College of Physiotherapists of Ontario: at www.collegept.org you may access the public register of all Physiotherapists licensed to practice in Ontario. The direct link is: http://publicregister.collegept.org/PublicServices/Start.aspx.

You can access The Canadian Physiotherapy Association by visiting www.physiotherapy.ca. You can utilize this web site to find a physiotherapist in all Canadian provinces, The direct web link is http://physiotherapy.ca/Finding-a-Physiotherapist.aspx.

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