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Here at Access Rehab our goal is to return you to your optimal quality of life after an injury or surgery by providing you with access to a wide range of healthcare expertise and a multi-disciplinary approach to rehabilitative care.  Whether you’re needs are simple and straightforward or complex and multi-dimensional, we will provide your rehab solution designed to meet your unique needs.  From our initial vocational and functional assessment to our advanced diagnostic technologies and treatment facilities we are focused on achieving your optimal recovery and safeguarding your patient rights.

At Access Rehab you have a team on your side, mapping your road to recovery.  The first step on that road is assessing your injury, understanding your expectations and goals for your recovery and identifying obstacles to those goals.

Getting to Know You | Total Assessment and Diagnostics

Statistics tell us that you are one of over 4.27 million Canadians annually who suffer an injury in a fall or motor vehicle accident.  If you are 12 to 19 years old 66% of your injuries are related to sports.  For working age adults between the ages of 20 and 64, approximately 47% of injuries happen at work or during a sports activity.  More than 55% of injuries suffered by individuals 65 years and older happen while working around the house.  Yet each injury is unique and each patient requires an individualized recovery plan.

Our detailed assessment of your injury will include both physical and psychosocial functionality.  We will review your health history and discuss your symptoms.  We will assess your gait, your muscle strength, your range of motion and your posture.  We will consider the ergonomics of your work and home environments to ensure you are able to function during your recovery and after.  In addition, you will have access to a full range of healthcare specialists if needed and advanced diagnostic tools such as x-rays, MRIs, Ultrasounds so that our prognosis is based on the most detailed and accurate information available.  And only then will we design your individualized treatment plan for your optimal return to well-being.

Moving to Recovery | Conscientious Care

Mobility is one of the keys to our quality of life.  If movement is impaired even slightly we are unable to participate in activities we enjoy or that are necessary to our daily well-being.  A sprained ankle can keep you on the sidelines for 3 months.  A broken bone during a fall can take up to 12 months to heal and leave the limb or joint stiff and the surrounding muscles weak.  Knee surgery may repair the structure and stability of the knee but will need an additional 3 to 6 months of rehab to achieve optimal function.

Access Rehab is focused on restoring loss of mobility whether caused by the wear and tear of aging; environmental issues at work or home; the trauma of injury on a sports field, in a motor vehicle accident or during a slip and fall; or disease-related loss of functionality.  It is our shared goal with each and every patient to return you to your optimal level of well-being not just by assessing and treating the immediate problem but also by conscientiously caring about your recovery, enlisting the support of healthcare specialists whenever necessary, educating you and your family about your condition and how best to manage chronic symptoms and reduce pain and prevent further injury or health risks, and by providing effective treatment to progress steadily to our recovery goals.

The Sooner the Better | Optimal Recovery

Recent studies show that the sooner injuries and loss of mobility issues are addressed with physiotherapy and rehab treatment the better chance the body has of a full recovery with no residual pain or after effects.  In many acute care units across Canada, the earlier physiotherapy is introduced into the patient’s recovery program, the more complete the recovery.  So at Physiotherapy Markham if your condition prevents you from moving we work with a variety of treatments to keep your body moving including therapeutic exercises, spinal decompression, vibration therapy, acupuncture and laser therapy.

Our combination of traditional physiotherapy treatments and advanced technologies are available to ease your path to recovery.


Welcome to Access Rehab where our mission is to return you to your optimal life whether you have sustained an injury in a fall or motor vehicle accident or are suffering from a physical impairment related to a chronic or a post-surgical condition.

We understand that any loss of mobility may impact your life for weeks, months or even years.  It may impact every aspect of your life from physical well-being to financial stability to emotional stress.  Your family and friends may be impacted.  Your work may suffer and you may well feel helpless.

No one can prepare for an accident.  As Canadians we have a healthcare system to catch us if you fall and injury ourselves.

So how does it work?  If you are in an accident, you may be rushed to hospital in an ambulance or be driven by a family member.  If you are not critical you are treated and sent home to seek out-patient or ambulatory care for your injuries if necessary.  If you are in a more critical state, you are admitted to hospital.  In 1980 the average length of stay in a hospital in Canada was 14.5 days.  Today it is 7.2 days, higher than the world average of 5 days.  So, when you are discharged you may still need physical therapy and rehabilitative care to return to your pre-injury level of mobility and activity.

Your goal is clear – to return to your optimal level of activity whatever it takes.  So all you need are the resources and expertise necessary to take you there.

And that is where Access Rehab comes in!  We are your access to a total physical therapy and rehabilitative experience.  With our integrated, interdisciplinary range of medical services and healthcare specialists, we can ease the stress and confusion of rehabilitation and achieve your optimal outcome.

We want you to have access to the most advanced technologies in diagnostics – if you need it.

We want you to have access to the most advanced technology in physical therapy – if you need it.

We want you to have access to expert evaluation by medical specialists – if you need it.

We want you to have access to all necessary evaluations for insurance claim in a timely manner – if you need it.

We want you to have access to preventative care and educational forums – if you need it.

And we want you to have access to it in your community and at your convenience.

That is the promise of Access Rehab to each patient – access to your optimal physical therapy and rehabilitative recovery process.

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