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Physiotherapy Markham Stouffville


FOR THE LOVE OF GOLF AND PHYSIOTHERAPY  While passing by the nearest golf course this season in Markham or surrounding areas, it is with no surprise to see numerous golf carts zipping by, several golfers taking a swing and having a great time socializing and spending the day out on the course with friends and/or family.  While golf is known …

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Spinal Decompression Traction Markham

Spinal Decompression Traction in Markham

Spinal Decompression Traction in Markham Do you or anyone you know suffer from one or more of the following: Herniated discs Joint pain Acute facet problems Bulging discs Protruding discs Spinal root impingement Hypomobility Compression fractures Degenerative joint disease (DJD) Degenerative disc disease (DDD) If you answered YES to any of the symptoms listed above then we have something for …

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acupuncture physiotherapy markham

Acupuncture in Markham

Acupuncture in Markham  Acupuncture is a method used to relieve and alleviate various types of symptomatic conditions and diseases involving the insertion of very thin needles into the body at specific points, also known as “acupoints;” spots on the body where stimulation of nerves, muscles and connective tissues can be reached. Originating from China, acupuncture has been used for many …

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physiotherapist physical therapist markham

What’s The Difference Between Physiotherapists and Physical Therapists?

Are Physiotherapists and Physical Therapists The Same? There is a common misconception that Physical Therapists and Physiotherapists have different roles and do different things.  However, these two titles are very similar, as Physical Therapy is a term used in the United States, and Physiotherapy is used widely across the world. The main difference between these two titles is that Physiotherapists are …

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vocational evaluation markham

Vocational Evaluation – Transferable Skills Analysis

Vocational Evaluation – Transferable Skills Analysis Labour Market Research By: David Cohen MSW, RSW, RRP, CCRC, CRV,ABDA, D] Jeff Cohen BA Psych, CRV-F, RVP  A Skilled Practitioner is Invaluable for Legal File Management! When a person sustains a personal injury of any kind their life can change dramatically. One of the most difficult and personally devastating consequences of any accident …

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